RastaMoon 1st SOLO Exhibition

RastaMoon is holding his first solo exhibition with the theme "UOMINI" in collaboration with K-TOYZ.

-. Date: April 22-30, 2023

-. Location: Protageu Gallery (near Sangsu Station)

-. Time: 11:00-21:00

Exhibition Theme

"UOMINI" is a term used by RastaMoon to refer to people who love and enjoy decorating themselves in his artistic world.

They decorate themselves beautifully regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, culture, or occupation, and while many people envy them, they don't realize that they too can become UOMINI.

The term UOMINI embodies the idea that one can also be an object of admiration, and the costumes they wear in the artwork represent their attitudes towards life and personality.

Someday, you might put on your best clothes and feel a special sense of uniqueness in front of the mirror, even though you are still the same person as always. UOMINI is a visualization of that special feeling.

Each artwork conveys the artist's message of self-esteem, and you can see RastaMoon's various works, which are more classic than vintage, at this "UOMINI" exhibition.


On The Cabinet

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